Chained Angels:Beautiful Glass beads with wings accent the beautiful mini Tambam Chain. The perfect accent to any boot! $16.99 each or $30.00 a pair.

Colossal Conch Connectors

Flower Conch Connectors: Plain: $1.99 a Pair.  Plain "O"Ring Connectors: .99 a pair.

Colossal Conch Connectors: Plain: $3.99 a Pair. Blinged up to match jewelry: $8.99 Pair


Ankle Bracelet or Necklace

The Tambam: Beautiful Glass Beads hang from the stunning Large Tambam Chain and are accented with shiney silver spikes for the perfect look on any Boot! These are one of my favorites! They are just Beautiful! $14.99 each or $26.00 for the pair.

Tear Drops: High Quality Glass Tear Drop Beads hang from a Lg Diamond Cut Chain Accented with little wings.  $17.99 each or $32.00 for the pair. Wear on your Favorite pair of Boots or as an ankle Bracelet. Add a chain to wear as a Necklace. Display it on a head Band, Hat, or Purse. Be Creative :O) 

Deb's Boot Jewelry, Necklaces, Hat, Purse or Head Band adornments  & Ankle Bracelets

​Necklace chain $4.99

Bling Up Your Favorite Hat, Purse or Biker Head Band

Turn any piece of Boot Jewelry into a Necklace by adding a simple Chain. Wear on any boot by adding an O Ring or conch or elastic adapter to fit onto your boots. Also can be worn as an ankle Bracelet or adorned on a Hat or Purse or Head Band. The possibilties are endless! Be Creative!

Choose from a variety of Conches to connect your jewelry to any Boot! The small and Big Elastic Extenders are good to have for High Placement of jewelry on your Boot to keep jewelry firmly in place. Dress your Jewelry up with matching beads and accents on The Flower Conch or Colossal Conch to give extra Bling to your Boots! For those that like things simpler add just a simple Flower Conch or "O" Ring to connect your Jewelry to your Boot!

Black Moon, Purple Moon, Teal Moon, and Tan Moon are made with beautiful Glass beads strung through a shiney Silver Chain and finished off with silver spikes for the perfect accent to any Boot! $16.99 each or $30.00 for the pair.

 Silver Sly Chain: (Above) A simple yet HOT Looking Chain with 3 levels. The lower chain has a Diamond cut appearance. Just Beautiful! Choose from 2 different sizes. $10.99 each for the smaller link Chain $18.00 a Pair. $13.99 each for the Bigger Chain and $23.00 a pair.

Flower Conch Connectors: (Above) Blinged up to match jewelry: $4.99 Pair 

Elastic Connectors 

small: $2.99 Pair Large: $4.99 Pair

Angel Wings: (Below) Large Rose wings on a small Silver Tambam Chain. Top photo displays wings on a black small Tambam Chain with a silver chain hanging just above for the perfect contrast. $13.99 each or $23.00 a Pair.

Front Wing Tambam has beautiful Glass beads hanging from a shiney Silver Tambam Chain with detailed Rose wings and mini silver wings. The quality of the beads, wings and Chain is amazing! $17.99 each or $32.00 for the pair.


​​Cloth Necklaces


Cloth Necklaces

​​Creations By Debbie




​​Cloth Necklaces